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DuPont Cyrel FAST 2000TD

DuPont Cyrel FAST 3000TD

Innovators in Action - Shuhong Wang

Meet DuPont Technical Laureate Shuhong Wang, whose lifelong love for understanding the intricacies how things work led her to become an award-winning polymer and material scientist at DuPont. Shuhong designs and develops new materials to solve big problems for our customers. Take O-rings for example. They’re common; found in your home and at hardware stores. So common yet so often unnoticeable, Shuhong says, until they aren’t working. This innovative technology is also found in industrial machinery, and that’s where Shuhong’s work in these intricate, high-performance systems becomes increasingly important. The bottom-line — this technology must be trusted every minute of every day.

Join this innovator as she takes you on a journey that is as inspiring as it is insightful and learn why her daughters call this tireless scientist Renaissance Mom.




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